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How do I integrate Freshsales with Zendesk Ticketing platform?

Integrating Freshsales with Zendesk allows sales teams to collaborate more easily and gain a 360 degree view of their customers. This provides a more streamlined sales process and enhances visibility into account information of the customer.

What is Freshsales Zendesk Integration?
The Freshsales Zendesk integration provides a way to sync of your Freshsales and Zendesk data. This allows you to keep your customer support cases / tickets data in sync across both applications, and gives you the ability to manage and track customer support tickets from within Freshsales.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for Sales – Account Executives and Managers:

  1. Visibility of Support Tickets / Cases from the FreshSales CRM and will be able to take appropriate account action proactively
  2. Ability to drive internal team actions on the account
  3. Know the right status without having to depend on Support Managers

Benefits for Support Reps:

  1. Understand business context around a support tickets
  2. Helps in ticket prioritisation, escalation and tagging the right set of team members accordingly.
  3. Take sometime back from recurring requests from Sales and Account Managers about their account’s support ticket health and status reporting.

How can you get started?
It can be intimidating to start a new project, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Understand the most important support data that will help your sales team to close more deals in existing account
  2. Check if existing native integration from Freshsales support such a mechanism. As of this when this article is written, there seems to be no way natively to integrate. However I could see some integration with Zapier third party route. Zapier integrations can be costly option if the number of tickets and ticket updates is very high.
  3. For more advanced integrated experience – which not only integrates the Data but also give a UI experience, explore solutions like AppEQ – which does integration both at Data, UI and contextualise based on user. Additional feature of AppEQ like Video collaboration, annotation and chat makes it all the more powerful.

By integrating Freshsales and Zendesk, sales teams can work together more effectively to gain a complete view of their customers. This allows for a more streamlined sales process and better customer support.

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