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Revenue Retention & Expansion
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Eliminate Data Silos, across teams
Rishi Sagar

Eliminating Silos: Unifying Sales and Post Sales in CRM

In the realm of business, where the pace never slows and the stakes are always high, the quest for a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems stands as a beacon of efficiency and clarity. This drive towards an integrated CRM system that encompasses both Sales

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6 CS Myths
Customer Success
Vachas Krishnan

6 Customer Success Myths Busted

Have you noticed how certain Customer Success Managers (CSMs) seem to navigate the complex world of SaaS with an almost supernatural ease? It’s as if they’ve cracked a code or possess a secret playbook that makes them stand out. But here’s the thing: the real magic lies not in hidden

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CRM optimization
Archana Prajapati

CRM Strategy That Eliminates Data Inconsistencies

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2.Information is essential 3.Data Transfer approaches 4.Optmizing your CRM 5.Conclusion Introduction  When a prospect transforms into a client, a critical but often overlooked transaction occurs, not just between the client and your organization, but internally—from your sales team to the customer success team. This transfer

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App EQ (CRM Integration)
Archana Prajapati

Double up your existing CRM as post sales CRM!

Table of Content 1.Introduction 2.Sales Vs Post Sales 3.One CRM System Approach4.App EQ: The alternative approach 5.Conclusion Introduction  Did you know that 91% of companies with more than 10 employees now utilize CRM systems? This staggering statistic reflects a profound shift in business dynamics. Today, your CRM isn’t just a

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