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Unlock Customer Insights trapped in your Enterprise applications

  • Increase Upsell / Cross-sell
  • Prevent Churns
  • Drive Data Driven Culture
AppEQ Introduction
Activate Customer 360 Aggregated View
Data Triggers and Activation
Cutomize Dashboard and Activate
In-app Customer Insights
In-app Notifications and Nudges

Unlock & Activate Customer Data and Insights In Your Enterprise Applications With Zero Code

Many out of the box integrations
Supports most of the enterprise applications out-of-box

Maximize Efficiency with Practical Solutions on AppEQ

AppEQ boasts powerful services for integrating your business operations. Seamlessly manage customers, sales, analytics, and more — streamlining your processes while unlocking greater success. Read more on Integration

Flexible & Powerful for driving revenue retention and expansion

Success Pad

Never miss out on relevant customer  360 with Success Pad, right on your existing apps. No context switches, more productivity

Widget Launchers

Activate bite-sized customer summary, Task list, Dashboards, Announcements & more within applications when CSM/AM are “in-the-moment” of their activities. 

Task Playbooks

Trigger proactive actions based on customer accounts and contacts on CRM, Inbox & more


Customizable dashboards like Renewal, Leaderboards, VOC etc for Executives, Managers, or CSM / AM directly within your Inbox or Salesforce CRM

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What is Insights & Data Activation?

Insights & Data Activation connects data from various sources and creates a unified profile. It uncovers valuable insights and opportunities in customer interactions through platforms like CRM, helpdesk, CSP, spreadsheets.

AppEQ works seamlessly with your existing operational tools,
so your team doesn't need to learn a new system

Unified View​

Data Integration empowers companies to improving customer experience and retention. By connecting customer profile and interactions across all touchpoints in different systems, organizations can proactively identify at-risk customers and sell more with intelligent insights aligned to customers interest.

Improved Customer Retention​

Deeper customer insights, proactive churn prevention, exceptional experiences for long-term success.

Increased Revenue Opportunities​

Leverage customer data to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities and maximize revenue growth

Streamlined Workflows

Streamline operations and proactively address customer needs with real-time in-app data insights in existing workflow.

Culture of Data-Driven Decisions

Empower data-driven decisions for customer success with clear customer insights and interactive dashboards.

Boost account retention & revenue with data-driven upsell/cross-sell at the perfect customer moment.

Empower CSMs to proactively prevent churn, boost NPS, and champion customer success with actionable data insights.

From making strategic revenue decisions with customer insights to executing with smart nudges, AppEQ empowers Revenue Leaders to unlock company’s revenue potential with data and insights at the right time

Streamline workflows, unify data, and empower all teams with actionable customer insights right on the existing workflow of your teams. for Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, Executives

Scale Revenue Retention & Expansion
with Enterprise Grade Security

AppEQ safeguards your data in accordance with SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR certifications, highlighting our rigorous global security standards adherence. 

Where retention & expansion is the North Star 

& data driven culture is the guiding DNA  

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AppEQ is software that gives ‘in-the-moment’ customer insights and drive proactive actions like a customer retention software,  providing one-click real-time customer insights on top of your existing SaaS applications.

‘In-the-moment’ customer insights is the capability to highlight key customer data , trends and insights when CSM / AM / Leaders are likely to need them the most; like while reading a email from a customer – they are most likely to need information about that customer ; or while going for meeting – looking at the calendar; a quick summary of the customer account helps them stay on top of the account on key customer metrics.  

AppEQ provides features for your team to configure in-the-moment insights on your existing Saas or in-house web applications.  

Since it appears in the right time and place, it’s 10x more effective.

Absolutely, integration with applications not currently listed on our website is certainly feasible. To initiate this process, we kindly request you to reach out to our team with your specific requirements. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

AppEQ have integration and data and UI layer with CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive. We help bring in insights and trends like product usage by seamless integration with product analytics like Mixpanel, Pendo, Amplitude and giving an mechanism to convert the events data to business metrics that matter to CSM / AMs

We have worked with teams who have a robust deployment of of some of the top CSP platforms. Our product helps in activating insights and actions  to deliver actionable insights at your fingertips like on Inbox, CRM. We have helped unlocked data and insights from CSP to other existing SaaS platforms. 

AppEQ has direct data and UI integration with Zendesk, Freshdesk , Zohodesk. With AppEQ, teams have now the capability to access and visualize data and metrics not just from the Helpdesk but also from CRM and other systems. This helps the Support Agents to have relevant data all within the Helpdesk.

Contact our team using the Demo Request or drop us a email at Our team shall revert back to get more details like the applications you want to integrate and invite you with a link to install our plugin.

Drop an email to for a personalized demo and consultation on how activating customer insights can help your team drive more revenue through upsell, cross-sell and retention.

The duration of the onboarding process can range from 1 to 14 days, depending on the number of integrations and the level of customization needed for the executive summary. If a pre-designed template can be used without any modifications, the onboarding can be completed within a shorter timeframe of around 2-3 days.

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