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Increase upsell and cross-sell through data driven playbooks

In-app Signals

  • Product usage trends and spikes
  • Customer journey milestone completion
  • New Funding Alert!
  • Headcount growth trend
  • Hiring trend based on job posting
All signals within your operational tools stack

Activate Upsell and Cross-sell Signals In Your Enterprise Applications
With Zero Code

AppEQ Upsell Cross-sell Integrations
Supports most of the enterprise applications out-of-box

Easily integrate external and internal data sources

Easily sync customers, contacts, notes, revenue data, tickets and feature requests, product usage data and much more between your operational tools and AppEQ

Flexible & Powerful for driving revenue expansion

AppEQ Happy Team

Alerts on external & internal data

Never miss out on what’s happening on your portfolio account’s signals based on headcount, hiring or funding. 

Dynamic Dashboards

Let your team get smart popups alerting about potential leads and opportunities based on product usage, purchase history, usage or key milestones.

Upsell Playbooks

Trigger proactive actions based on customer data to deploy best practices process across the team.

Insights Activation  

Activate data and signals easily within your team’s applications – whether in-house or enterprise SaaS apps. 

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Maximize Your Revenue

Upsell and Cross-sell

Activate in-app customer insights and actions on enterprise apps to increase revenue expansion through upsell and cross-sell. AppEQ’s data-driven playbooks and dynamic dashboards allow you to proactively identify opportunities by analyzing customer behavior and purchase history. Easily integrate external and internal data sources to create a unified customer profile and turn your data into actionable insights. With AppEQ, you can streamline your workflows, improve customer retention, and make data-driven decisions for long-term business success.
Empower Your Business

Drive Data Driven Actions On Your Enterprise Applications

Integrate Your Apps

AppEQ helps you integrate and sync data from various apps, making it easily accessible and actionable.

Maximize Revenue

AppEQ helps you identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities by analyzing customer behavior and purchase history.

In-App Insights

AppEQ's seamless In-app insights activation sets it apart from other data platforms.

Actionable Data

AppEQ helps you turn your data into actionable insights, driving better business decisions.

Scale Revenue Retention & Expansion
with Enterprise Grade Security

AppEQ safeguards your data in accordance with SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR certifications, highlighting our rigorous global security standards adherence. 

Where retention & expansion is the North Star 

& data driven culture is the guiding DNA