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Enhance CRM with in-app insights and playbook

  • Red Accounts Thresholds 
  • Build a sound Forecasting rhythm and culture
  • Opportunity Dashboards, Alerts and Playbooks
  • Product Usage Dashboards, Alerts and Playbooks
  • Funding Alerts 
  • Headcount & Hiring Trends
All widgets activated within your operational tools stack

Flexible & Powerful Plugin For Your CRM

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Alerts based on external & internal data

Never miss out on what’s happening on your portfolio account’s signals external data like headcount, hiring or funding and internal data like product usage and engagement.

Dynamic Dashboards

Let your team get smart popups alerting about potential leads and opportunities based on product usage, purchase history, usage or key milestones.


Trigger proactive actions based on customer data to deploy best practices process across the team – whether it’s renewal or deals related.

Insights Activation  

Activate data and signals easily within your team’s applications – whether in-house or enterprise SaaS apps. 

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AppEQ Retention Usecase Integrations
Supports most of the enterprise applications out-of-box

Easily integrate external and internal data sources

Easily sync customers, contacts, notes, revenue data, tickets and feature requests, product usage data and much more between your operational tools and CRM. 

Integration effort should not hamper your business process and outcomes anymore

Activate Customer Dashboard and Insights

Discover How Your Prospects Engage With Your Product Within Your CRM

Gain valuable insight into your users’ behavior – how they interact with your product. With AppEQ’s in-app customer insights and activation tools, you can easily generate usage dashboards, alerts, and playbooks to drive timely action from your team.  

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Empower Your Business

Drive Data Driven Actions On Your Enterprise Applications

Integrate Your Apps

AppEQ helps you integrate and sync data from various apps, making it easily accessible and actionable.

Maximize Growth

AppEQ helps you operationalize Red Account Alerts by analyzing customer behavior and purchase history.

In-App Insights

AppEQ's seamless In-app insights activation sets it apart from other data platforms.

Actionable Data

AppEQ helps you turn your data into actionable insights, driving better business decisions.
Discover AppEQ

Empower your teams on CRM with AppEQ Today

Extend capabilities of your CRM for Post Sales teams

Account Managers

Upsell / Cross with data such as external Signals such as funding, head count or hiring increase or product usage trends dashboard and alerts

Customer Success Managers

Renewal, Portfolio tracking, product usage and playbooks

Scale Revenue
with Enterprise Grade Security

AppEQ safeguards your data in accordance with SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR certifications, highlighting our rigorous global security standards adherence. 

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Drive Your Business Forward

Transform Your CRM with Data-Driven Insights

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to growth. AppEQ’s in-app customer insights and activation platform empowers you to easily activate data-driven actions within your CRM. Drive timely actions based on customer behavior, such as email replays, signals on red accounts, and timely deal alerts.

Empower Your Team with AppEQ's Playbooks

Improve your team’s productivity and effectiveness by utilizing AppEQ’s Playbooks. These customizable and scalable playbooks allow you to automate key actions and responses based on customer behavior and data. From onboarding new customers to upselling existing ones, AppEQ’s Playbooks will help you streamline your processes and drive your business forward.

Renewal Playbook

Automate task creation and allocation for renewals based on customer segment or region

Upsell Playbook

Trigger nudges and automate task creation based on product usage and consumption thresholds

Advocacy Playbook

Ask for case study at the right time, trigger alert to ask for testimonials.

Red Alert and Playbook

Configure threshold for red accounts and configure actions to be taken proactively by the CSM or AM