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  • Prioritise your Inbox daily based on Customer Health
  • Reduce Account Receivables through Payment Nudges
  • Increase Revenue with real-time support insights @ fingertips

Your Co-Pilot to Drive Revenue Retention

Give your Customer Success team a boost without the hassle of complex software. Let AppEQ work its magic! Enjoy one-click real-time customer insights that seamlessly merge with your CRM, Helpdesk, Email, and more – making your workflow a breeze!

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Get real-time customer insights - whenever & wherever your success team gets work done

Empower your teams with one-click contextual data and insights using our flexible & powerful widgets on top of existing applications . 


Where Retention Revenue is a North Star Metric for the entire Organization

Minimize churn and maximize revenue retention by adopting “customer centricity” across teams & departments.

From improving NPS to reducing churn rate, AppEQ helps Customer Success managers throughout the customer lifecycle.

From avoiding account blunders to maximizing account receivables, AppEQ enables account teams to identify and execute growth opportunities.

From making strategic revenue decisions with customer insights to executing with smart nudges, AppEQ empowers Revenue Leaders to unlock company’s revenue potential.

Flexible yet Powerful features that does all the hard work for you

Success Pad

Never miss out on relevant customer insights with Success Pad, right on your existing apps. Get one-click access to customer feed & context-specific alerts.

Summary Widget

No longer switching between applications. Feed widget is your one-stop place to get all your relevant customer data from all your existing applications.

Actionable Nudges

Act on actionable insights with our friendly smart nudges. Easily configure the nudges to match your business objectives.

Feed Widget

Gives you custom-configured client insights overview. Feed Widget delivers personalized configuration and sorting for streamlined data access

Seamless Integration with Your Operational App Stack

Bypass the constant back-and-forth between teams and disparate systems. AppEQ smoothly integrates with your operational app suite, offering instant access to real-time customer insights. Enhance your professional efficiency with AppEQ

AppEQ Integrations

Scale Retention Revenue with Enterprise Grade Security

AppEQ safeguards your data in accordance with SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR certifications, highlighting our rigorous global security standards adherence. 

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Companies just like yours have used AppEQ's to retain and grow their accounts

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One tool - many usecases

Use AppEQ to address all your use-cases to drive revenue from existing customers

Fight Churn

Identify churn signals before it becomes a reality with account health highlights, timely nudges from support insights & more. Reduce churn by taking proactive actions with AppEQ.


Reduce DSO

Convert your accounts receivables into cash with smart nudges for CSMs. AppEQ highlight key account insights on top of your email, calendar & more to help you maximize cash flow by reducing DSO

Boost timely Funds Deployment

Maximize funds deployment for Recurring Revenue Financing companies through CSMs. Arm your CSMs with context specific notifications and feeds to drive funds deployment before date of expiration.

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The duration of the onboarding process can range from 1 to 14 days, depending on the number of integrations and the level of customization needed for the executive summary. If a pre-designed template can be used without any modifications, the onboarding can be completed within a shorter timeframe of around 2-3 days.

Absolutely, integration with applications not currently listed on our website is certainly feasible. To initiate this process, we kindly request you to reach out to our team with your specific requirements. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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