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How does Salesforce connect to Freshdesk?

Salesforce Freshdesk Integration – Tips to Improve Sales Performance and Agent Productivity

Salesforce Freshdesk Integration
Salesforce Integration with Freshdesk can improve Sales-Support collaboration; with direct impact on revenue and customer experiences

How a CRM & Helpdesk integration can help your organisation?

Salesforce and Freshdesk are two of the most popular SaaS platform for customer facing teams – Sales and Support respectively. Integrating the two can create an even more powerful platform for sales and customer service. In this blog post, we’ll give you a few tips on how to get the most out of the Salesforce Freshdesk integration.

1. What is Salesforce Freshdesk Integration?

Salesforce Freshdesk Integration is a process of synchronizing data between two separate software applications. In most cases, this is done in order to improve communication and collaboration between teams. The synchronization process can be manual or automated. When automated, it is often referred to as an “integration process.”

2. How can Salesforce Freshdesk Integration help improve sales performance?

Salesforce Freshdesk Integration can help improve sales performance by automating the process of tracking and managing customer interactions. This can help sales teams stay organized and focused on their goals. Additionally, the integration can help improve customer service and satisfaction, which can lead to more sales opportunities.

3. What are the benefits of using Salesforce Freshdesk Integration?

Salesforce – a Sales CRM and Freshdesk – a Support Helpdesk are software applications that have rich customer information. They both offer a wide range of features to help businesses manage their customer interactions and data. However, the two applications can work together to provide even more benefits for businesses.

Salesforce Freshdesk Integration allows businesses to manage their customer interactions and data from a single platform – without the need for team members to keeping toggling between the tow. This not only makes it easier for businesses to track and analyze their customer data, but also makes it easier for them to respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

The integration also allows businesses to understand their customer support tickets from within Salesforce. This allows businesses to view all of their customer interactions and data in a single place, which can help them to better understand their customers and orchestrate the moment of opportunity to take proactive actions.

4. How can agent productivity be improved with Salesforce Freshdesk Integration?

Salesforce and Freshdesk are two of the most popular customer service platforms on the market. They both have their own strengths, but when you put them together, they become an unstoppable force.

AppEQ’s unique approach of integration both the data and experience layer ensures that both the Sales and Support team collaborate from the existing platform.

Salesforce is great for managing customer data and keeping track of customer interactions. Freshdesk is great for providing customer support through tickets and chat. When you integrate them, you get the best of both worlds. Support Agents will have the right business insights for the customer they are servicing.

Salesforce can automatically import customer data from Freshdesk, so you can get a support experiece view of your customers. You can also see all of your customer interactions in one place, making it easy to track customer service history.

By integrating Salesforce and Freshdesk, you can create a powerful customer service and sales platform. With these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of the integration and improve your sales performance and agent productivity

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