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Growth in Long-Tail and Tech Touch Customer Success Segments With - Angeline Grace Gavino, Sandy Yu and Vincent Manlapaz

Tech touch and customer segmentation, go hand in hand, this is a must-listen, if you want to nail these disciplines.


During the insightful webinar hosted by AppEQ Inc, industry experts Sandy Yu and Angeline Grace Gavino delved deep into the nuances of customer success and engagement strategies. The session was marked by a rich exchange of experiences, with both experts sharing their unique perspectives on topics such as segmentation, tech touch, and personalization at scale.

Angeline, with over 15 years of experience in customer success roles, emphasized the significance of digital customer success strategies, especially in managing engagement with long tail customers. She highlighted the challenges and opportunities of implementing tech touch strategies across various startups she has been associated with .

Sandy Yu, on the other hand, brought to light the importance of segmentation not just for specific customer groups but as a cornerstone for the overall business strategy. She underscored the evolving nature of segmentation, which is now moving beyond just value-based categories to use-case-based categories .

The webinar also touched upon the challenges of finding the right balance between automation and personalized engagement, with both experts agreeing on the need for a hybrid approach. The discussion underscored the importance of understanding customer needs, leveraging technology, and ensuring that strategies are adaptable and scalable.

In conclusion, the webinar provided attendees with valuable insights into the world of customer success, emphasizing the need for adaptability, personalization, and a deep understanding of customer segments.


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5 Key Takeaways

  1. Segmentation


Quote by Sandy Yu :

“Segmentation is not just important for long tail and tech touch customers. But it’s important for your overall strategy. And I think we’re talking about different types of segmentation. Typically, we all know you, you know, segment by segment, by, you know, value. But I mean more increasingly, the industry is moving towards a place where you’re segmenting by use case.”

As highlighted by Sandy Yu: Sandy emphasizes the importance of segmentation not just for specific customer groups but for the overall business strategy. She highlights a shift in the industry where segmentation is moving beyond just value-based categories to use-case-based categories.

Quote by Angeline Grace :

“In my previous companies, we would segment… based on their spend with you. How much is their ARR with the company? But here we are… The way we do it is we look at the company revenue to segment based on enterprise or slash commercial.”

As highlighted by Angeline Grace Gavino: Angeline shares her experience with different segmentation strategies. While previous companies she worked at segmented based on customer spend, her current company uses company revenue as a basis for segmentation.

2. Tech Touch

Quote by Angeline Grace:

“Tech touch first means, at least from my perspective, or at least for the use cases of my personal experience. Typically for us, Tech touch is when we employ automated engagements either via email or in-product, in-platform or other automation.”

As highlighted by Angeline Grace Gavino: Angeline defines “tech touch” based on her experience. For her, it involves automated engagements with customers, whether through email, in-product prompts, or other channels. The emphasis is on automation and self-service.

Quote by Sandy Yu :

“For me, the long tail customer doesn’t exclusively mean tech touch. And so there are other ways. So you can do one too many support for your customers.”

As highlighted by Sandy Yu: Sandy points out that “long tail” customers don’t necessarily only fall under the “tech touch” category. There are various ways to support these customers, including one-to-many support methods.

4. Personalization at Scale

Quote by Sandy Yu :

“Segmentation is actually the key to personalization at scale.”

As highlighted by Sandy Yu: Sandy ties back the concept of segmentation to personalization. By effectively segmenting customers, businesses can achieve personalization at a larger scale, catering to the specific needs and preferences of different customer groups.

Quote by Angeline Grace :

“Product adoption metrics, how our customer uses our product. We segment by that because then their whole strategy is defined by those different segments.”

As highlighted by Angeline Grace Gavino: Angeline discusses how product adoption metrics play a role in segmentation. By understanding how customers use a product, businesses can create segments and tailor their strategies accordingly.

5. Challenges and Opportunities

Quote by Angeline Grace :

“There’s definitely more emphasis when it comes to creating better strategies when it comes to, you know, working with your long-tail customers… Tech touch first is never tech touch only.”

As highlighted by Angeline: Angeline observes that there’s a growing emphasis on refining strategies for long-tail customers. While the initial approach might be “tech touch first,” it doesn’t mean it’s the only approach. There’s a need to balance automation with other engagement methods.

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