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Customer Advocacy – Maranda Dziekonski & Sandy Yu With Host – Vincent Manlapaz


A Essential & Must Listen for B2B leaders launching Customer Advocacy programs.

Mano, Co-founder, AppEQ.AI


During this webinar, Sandy Yu and Maranda Dziekonski, Customer Success and Account Management experts from the SF Bay Area, engaged with professionals worldwide. The session buzzed with discussions, noteworthy questions, and LinkedIn connections. Questions ranged from distinguishing Customer Advocacy and Voice of the Customer to securing case studies from privacy-conscious corporate clients. The importance of exceptional customer experiences and nurturing internal advocacy commitment emerged as a recurrent theme.

The webinar offered a gateway to address shared challenges, promoting collaboration in the professional community. It concluded with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, emphasizing the strength of professional networks and the growth opportunities in Customer Success and Account Management.

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5 Key Takeaways

Brand Imprint: Authenticity is paramount in today’s B2B landscape. As Maranda Dziekonski aptly puts it, showcasing “a real customer [who] used our product to achieve these metrics” not only builds trust but also helps potential partners envision a successful collaboration. It’s about nurturing a genuine connection by giving customers a transparent insight into your operations.

Scouting Advocates: The foundation of a robust advocacy program lies in understanding your customer segments. Maranda emphasizes the significance of this by stating, “every segmentation within your organization generally is going to have a different customer journey.” It’s about recognizing potential advocates based on their growth trajectory, demographics, and the value they bring to the table.

Harmonizing Goals: Aligning the aspirations of your advocates with your organizational objectives is crucial. Sandy Yu’s perspective sheds light on this: “Start with your goal… How do we help increase their visibility? How do we help them get a promotion?” It’s about crafting advocacy efforts that resonate with both the company’s and the advocate’s aspirations, ensuring mutual benefits.

Reference Resonance: Managing reference requests is more than just a procedural task; it’s about fostering enthusiasm among advocates. Maranda’s approach is clear: “make sure we have a standard operating procedure… that we have it tracked.” It underscores the importance of team alignment and the meticulous management of reference requests to maintain advocate enthusiasm.

Individual Identities: Every advocate has a unique story, a distinct journey. Recognizing and celebrating this individuality is vital. Sandy Yu captures this essence by urging organizations to “think of them as an individual person… How do we get them to where they want to go?” It’s about supporting each advocate’s journey to recognition and success, acknowledging their unique contributions.

These insights, from discussions with Maranda Dziekonski, Sandy Yu, and our participants, offer a wealth of collective wisdom to help you shape your advocacy narrative.

Success EQ - Customer Advocacy

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