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Customer Advocacy - Maranda Dziekonski & Sandy Yu With Host - Vincent Manlapaz

A Essential & Must Listen for B2B leaders launching Customer Advocacy programs.


During this webinar, Sandy Yu and Maranda Dziekonski, Customer Success and Account Management experts from the SF Bay Area, engaged with professionals worldwide. The session buzzed with discussions, noteworthy questions, and LinkedIn connections. Questions ranged from distinguishing Customer Advocacy and Voice of the Customer to securing case studies from privacy-conscious corporate clients. The importance of exceptional customer experiences and nurturing internal advocacy commitment emerged as a recurrent theme. 

The webinar offered a gateway to address shared challenges, promoting collaboration in the professional community. It concluded with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, emphasizing the strength of professional networks and the growth opportunities in Customer Success and Account Management.

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5 Key Takeaways

The Advocacy Axiom: Advocacy goes beyond brand cheerleading, focusing on understanding customer needs, reducing acquisition costs, and enhancing retention.

Brand Imprint: Give customers insight into your operations, nurturing a valuable connection and understanding.

Scouting Advocates: Identify potential advocates based on growth, demographics, and value.

Harmonizing Goals: Tailor advocacy efforts to align with advocates’ aspirations for engagement and mutual benefits.

Reference Resonance: Maintain enthusiasm in advocates by managing reference requests and team alignment.

Feedback Spectrum: Find equilibrium between Customer Advocacy and Voice of the Customer (VoC) for effective external engagement and internal feedback.

Value Vernacular: Emphasize both tangible and intangible ROI to drive successful renewals.

Metrics Manuscript: Simplify and unify metrics to guide Customer Success Management (CSM) teams through challenges.

Engagement Epic: Consistent customer engagement with adaptability as a core element.

Individual Identities: Recognize each customer advocate as a unique contributor and support their journey to recognition and success.


These insights, from discussions with Maranda Dziekonski, Sandy Yu, and our participants, offer a wealth of collective wisdom to help you shape your advocacy narrative.