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Revenue Retention & Expansion
with In-app Customer Insights & Automations
Revenue Retention stratagies
Customer Success
Manoranjan Ingudam

Unlocking B2B Growth: Revenue Retention Strategies and the Power of AppEQ

Table of Content 1.Introduction 2.The Role of CS in Revenue retention 3.Strategies for revenue retention in B2B organization’s4.AppEQ : The unfair advantage5.Conclusion 6.Sources 7.FAQ Section Introduction  Did you know that a mere 5% boost in B2B customer retention can skyrocket profits by up to 95%? In a world where acquiring

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Metrics for CS VP
Revenue retention
Rishi Sagar

Charting the Course to Loyalty: Unraveling the Essential Metrics Behind Every Successful Customer Journey

Table of content 1.Introduction 2.Revenue Metrics 3.Customer Engagement & product metrics4.Feedback and Advocacy Metrics 5.Support and response metrics 6.Conclusions 7.Source 8.FAQ Section Introduction In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, a Did you know that a staggering 96% of customers report being disloyal after facing high-effort experiences?This emphasizes that Metrics are the lifeblood

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Upselling & cross-selling
Revenue retention
Rajat Shukla

Mastering Upselling & Cross-selling: The Key to Boosting Retention Revenue

Table of content 1.Introduction 2.What is Upsell and Cros-sell3.Who should drive Upselling and cross-selling4.Key Metrics5.Long term Strategy6.Conclusion7.Sources 8.FAQ Introduction Did you know that nearly three-quarters of salespeople attribute up to 30% of their revenue to upselling and cross-selling techniques?  These aren’t just sales buzzwords; they’re powerful strategies that can significantly

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