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10 Habits of High Performing Account Managers

High performing Account Manager

Top 10 Account Manager Habits for High-Performance Sales

The world of high-earning Account Managers (AMs) can seem glamorous, but their success is built on a foundation of specific, well-honed habits. If you’re looking to break into the top tier of sales, mastering these ten elements will transform your approach and propel you towards achieving that coveted $500k+ annual income.

#Habit 1 – Preparation is King (and Queen):

High-performing AMs don’t wing it. They leverage technology to their advantage, spending less than 10 minutes researching every prospect and their company beforehand. Knowing the ins and outs allows for a confident and targeted approach, maximizing the value of each interaction.

#Habit 2 Uncover the Real Need

Discovery calls are about more than qualification. Top AMs are genuinely curious, actively listening and asking “tell me more” to understand the prospect’s deepest needs and challenges. The goal isn’t just to showcase value, but to transform them into champions by aligning your solution with their personal priorities.

#Habit 3 – Be Adaptable, Not Rigid:

Having a sales plan is crucial, but the best AMs know to be audible ready. If the prospect steers the conversation, seamlessly adapt your approach. Remember, the most valuable feature is the one they find most critical, not the one you planned to highlight.

#Habit 4 – Guide and Control the Process:

Your job is to be a sales Sherpa, guiding prospects through each step of the buying journey. This includes clear communication, expertly demonstrating value, and most importantly, scheduling follow-ups to maintain momentum.

#Habit 5 – Proactive is the New Keyword:

Don’t wait! High-earning AMs are decisively proactive. The question of “today or tomorrow” for an email? The answer is almost always today. Indecision can kill deals, so take calculated action and seize opportunities.

#Habit 6 – Give and Take Creates a Win-Win:

When a prospect asks for something, top AMs see it as a chance to build value. Don’t be afraid to offer assistance, but identify what you get in return. This could be securing a follow-up meeting, a clear decision timeline, or an introduction to a key decision-maker.

#Habit 7 – Prospecting is a Continuous Journey:

Top performers understand that a steady stream of new leads is vital. They don’t rely solely on others for opportunities; they actively source a significant portion of their own business. Networking, not just cold emails, is key to maintaining a hunter mentality and keeping your pipeline full.

#Habit 8 – Avoid the Time-Sucking Black Hole:

Time is a precious resource. High performers can identify prospects who request excessive customization as potential time drains. Engagement doesn’t always translate to a closed deal, so learn to walk away from situations that threaten to consume valuable resources.

Habit 10 : Pick up the phone

#Habit 9 – Nurturing Relationships is Key:

A great meeting doesn’t guarantee a sale. Top AMs understand the importance of staying top-of-mind. Regular communication, at least once a week, keeps prospects engaged and reminds them of the value you offer.

#Habit 10 – Pick Up the Phone!

Don’t hide behind email! High performers prioritize phone calls. By picking up the phone, you can expedite communication, build stronger relationships, and gain a clearer understanding of the prospect’s position.

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By mastering these ten habits, you’ll transform yourself from an average Account Manager into a top-performing sales professional, well on your way to achieving that coveted $500k+ annual income mark. Remember, success in sales is built on a foundation of preparation, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of both personal and customer value.

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