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Today, customer-facing teams like Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Support reside on their respective SaaS Platforms for their Job to be done tasks. For instance: Sales Teams on CRM Tools (Salesforce, Pipedrive), Customer Success teams on CS Tools (Gainsight, Toting), Support Teams on Help Desk Tools (Zendesk, Intercom) and Product teams on Product Management tools (Asana, Jira). While the cross-team collaboration is happening on Central collaboration platforms like Slack and Teams.

Powering Customer-Facing Teams to collaborate across their Business Apps, Seamlessly and Contextually

This possesses three key challenges:

  • Productivity Impact: Time spent on Context Recreation from their respective base Apps for other team members.
  • Lack of data reference: Cumbersome to search for Context-specific information from the generic communication channels as there is no auto-tagging.
  • Missing Account Insight: There is no simple way to get the consolidated view across apps for a given Customer Account, hence missing leading indicators.

At using the power of AI,

  • we are enabling cross-team collaboration for the customer-facing teams directly on top of their Business Apps.
  • Auto-tagging conversations based on the Application and end-user context, driving rich data sources.
  • Cross-linking the relevant underlying Business Objects within each App for centralised insights.

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What is AppEQ? 


AppEQ is a lightweight customer data activation plugin that brings customer data like product usage data/trends right at CSM’s fingertips , on their existing applications like Inbox/CRM /CSP /HelpDesk. We integrate data directly from product analytics like Pendo, Mixpanel, Amplitude and CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot etc. 

Our capability to bring this within your existing applications through our in-app widgets  leads to much higher adoption  and implementation time of 1 week or less

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What is Insights & Data Activation?

Insights & Data Activation connects data from various sources and creates a unified profile. It uncovers valuable insights and opportunities in customer interactions through platforms like CRM, helpdesk, CSP, spreadsheets.

AppEQ works seamlessly with your existing operational tools,
so your team doesn't need to learn a new system

Unified View​

Data Integration empowers companies to improving customer experience and retention. By connecting customer profile and interactions across all touchpoints in different systems, organizations can proactively identify at-risk customers and sell more with intelligent insights aligned to customers interest.

Improved Customer Retention​

Deeper customer insights, proactive churn prevention, exceptional experiences for long-term success.

Increased Revenue Opportunities​

Leverage customer data to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities and maximize revenue growth

Streamlined Workflows

Streamline operations and proactively address customer needs with real-time in-app data insights in existing workflow.

Culture of Data-Driven Decisions

Empower data-driven decisions for customer success with clear customer insights and interactive dashboards.