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In my first employee interview, it’s great to catch up with Vachas Krishnan – the first employee at AppEQ.ai . It’s a fascinating story of how start-ups can be an amazing place to build and launch your career.

Leona: Hi Vachas, it’s great to have you here. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you enjoy doing?

Vachas: Hi Leona, thank you for having me. I’m originally from Kerala, and I love exploring new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone. I pursued my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the vibrant cities of Mysore and Bangalore. My passion for customer-facing roles comes from my interest in understanding people’s perspectives and finding solutions to their problems. I find it intriguing to understand the psychology behind people’s decision-making processes.

Leona: That’s really interesting. How did you find AppEQ.ai, and what made you decide to join?

Vachas: I first heard about AppEQ.ai through one of the co-founders, whom I had worked with in their previous start-up. After researching and interacting with the other co-founder, I felt that joining AppEQ.ai would be a fantastic learning opportunity for me. Being part of the company’s 0-1 journey and contributing to its growth in the early stages was exciting for me. I was also keen to gain exposure to the SaaS industry and understand its intricacies.

Leona: That sounds like a great opportunity. What have been some of the best moments and opportunities at AppEQ?


Vachas: There have been several great moments and opportunities that have stood out to me since joining AppEQ.ai. One of the most satisfying moments is when a customer expresses excitement about our product and finds that our product is valuable and resonates with them. Additionally, being the first employee at a promising start-up has allowed me to take on a broad range of responsibilities and make a significant impact on the company’s growth. The experience has also enabled me to learn from experienced co-founders and shape the direction of the company. Lastly, the opportunity to meet and interact with leaders from successful companies has provided me with valuable insights into the industry and allowed me to learn from their experiences.

Leona: It sounds like you’ve had an excellent experience at AppEQ.ai. Would you recommend other team members to join the company?

Vachas: Absolutely. As a start-up, there are many opportunities to take on diverse responsibilities and learn new skills. Additionally, working with a highly experienced team provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to learn from.

Leona: What are some of the best things you want to highlight to future team members that would want to join AppEQ.ai?

Vachas: A compelling reason to join AppEQ.ai is our promising product. It’s exciting to work on a new category of product that can make a significant impact on the market. Another best aspect of working at AppEQ.ai is the culture of learning, unlearning, failing, and winning. It’s a safe space to take risks and learn from mistakes, which is a crucial part of personal and professional growth. The team is supportive, collaborative, and open to feedback, making it an excellent environment for growth and development.

Leona: Thank you so much for sharing your experience and insights, Vachas. It was great having you here.

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