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Leadership in Focus: Gleaning Success Strategies from Industry Experts With - Kristi Faltorusso, Sandy Yu and Vincent Manlapaz

Tech touch and customer segmentation, go hand in hand, this is a must-listen, if you want to nail these disciplines.


During the insightful webinar “What the Best Customer Success Leaders Do Differently,” hosted by App EQ, industry veterans Kristi Faltorusso and Sandy Yu shared their extensive experience and knowledge with a global audience of professionals. The session was a vibrant mix of discussions, interactive Q&A, and networking opportunities, creating a dynamic platform for learning and professional growth.

Kristi Faltorusso, a seasoned VP of Customer Success , and Sandy Yu, a guiding figure for CS leaders, led the webinar. Their casual yet authoritative presence set the tone for a session filled with valuable insights and practical advice.

The webinar covered a range of topics crucial to the field of customer success. Discussions delved into the nuances of understanding and meeting customer needs, the importance of effective communication and engagement strategies, and the role of technology, particularly AI, in enhancing customer success efforts. Kristi’s expertise in driving revenue growth through innovative strategies was a highlight, offering attendees actionable insights for their own professional contexts.

A significant part of the webinar focused on sharing best practices and industry insights, drawing from the rich experiences of both speakers. The interactive nature of the session allowed attendees to engage directly with Kristi and Sandy, posing questions and sharing their own experiences, which added a layer of depth to the discussions.

The webinar concluded with an emphasis on the importance of building and leveraging professional networks, particularly in the fields of Customer Success and Account Management. Attendees were encouraged to connect with each other and with the speakers on LinkedIn, highlighting the value of collaboration and community in professional development.

Overall, the webinar served as a valuable platform for professionals in the customer success arena, offering a deep dive into the strategies and practices that define successful leaders in this dynamic industry.

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5 Key Takeaways

The webinar unfolds with a focus on key areas crucial for customer success:

  1. Understanding and Meeting Customer Needs: Both speakers emphasize the importance of deeply understanding customer needs. They discuss strategies for tailoring services and solutions that align with these needs, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

  2. Effective Communication and Engagement: Kristi and Sandy delve into the art of communication in customer success. They share insights on how to effectively engage with customers, address their concerns proactively, and maintain a transparent and open line of communication.

  3. Leveraging Technology: A significant portion of the discussion revolves around the use of technology in customer success. Sandy, in particular, sheds light on how AI can be utilized to enhance customer engagement and streamline processes.

  4. Strategies for Revenue Growth: Kristi’s experience in driving NRR is a highlight of the webinar. She shares actionable strategies for revenue growth, including upselling, cross-selling, and fostering customer loyalty.

  5. Best Practices and Industry Insights: The webinar is rich with industry insights and best practices shared by both speakers. These insights are particularly valuable for professionals aiming to elevate their customer success strategies and achieve significant growth in their roles.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A session, where Kristi and Sandy address specific queries from the audience, providing a more personalized touch to their expert advice.

This webinar serves as an essential resource for anyone in the customer success field, offering a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader in this dynamic industry.