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In-the-Moment Customer Insights Driving Success Across Every Touchpoint

Customer success is no longer an option in today’s competitive corporate environment; it is a need. Companies are increasingly focused on reducing customer churn to enhance customer lifetime value by developing long-term connections with their consumers, meeting their demands, and enhancing their lifetime value. This necessitates a thorough understanding of client behavior, which is achieved through real-time data and insights. Here’s where the notion of real-time customer insights comes into play.

What is In-the-Moment Customer Insight?

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In-the-moment customer insights are a key feature of a customer success platform, showcasing essential customer data, trends, and insights just when your teams need them. Consider a real-time customer intelligence assistant working alongside your customer success managers (CSMs), account managers (AMs), and executives. This assistant proactively reveals key client insights within your existing workflows, allowing your customer success team to make more informed decisions and provide better customer experiences.

When a CSM or AM begins their day in the Inbox, customer insights may be customized to assist them in determining which clients are in red health and which customers are in outstanding health.

Within Inbox Context - When you are reading a email from customer

Consider being able to provide a comparable experience on Calendar, CRM sites, Helpdesk, in-house tools, and other platforms. Furthermore, the material displayed in the popup is completely customizable based on organizational needs, roles, and apps. You may add charts and trends to show critical product use metrics and other user performance KPIs.

Here’s a breakdown of the ‘in-the-moment’ concept:

AppEQ In-App Widgets to activate Customer Data and Insights on your existing operational tools
  • Focus on the “when”: These insights are supplied at the exact moment your team is most likely to require them. Consider a CSM reading a client email; this is an excellent opportunity to display valuable customer data such as previous contacts or current support cases.
  • Context-driven insights eliminate the need for your team to hunt for information. The system understands the context (reading an email, looking at a calendar) and proactively reveals important customer facts to assist users in completing the underlying flow of work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Actionable and concise: The information provided is focused and actionable. It is a brief review of crucial client metrics, previous encounters, or prospective concerns that helps your team keep on top of the account and make educated decisions.

Benefits Across the Customer Journey

In-the-moment customer insights provide tremendous benefits across the customer experience, affecting several teams inside your business. Let’s go deeper into these advantages by evaluating teams like Customer Success, Account Managers, Support Agents, and Leaders. This may all be installed on their existing operational tools, such as CRM, Helpdesk, CSP, and Inbox.

1. Enhanced Customer Success with CRMs and Customer Success Platforms (CSPs):

Contextual Awareness for Personalized Interactions:

Consider a CSM working in Salesforce, evaluating a customer email. In-the-moment insights can instantly present relevant data such as previous support requests, recent product usage statistics, and forthcoming renewal dates. This enables CSMs to tailor their communication, addressing specific needs or identifying useful resources.

Proactive Problem-Solving and Retention Strategies:

Customer Success Platforms (CSPs) such as Gainsight and ChurnZero may take use of real-time analytics within Salesforce. Customer success teams can use these analytics to identify possible churn indicators based on product usage or previous support contacts. This enables preemptive action and focused help to address possible concerns before they worsen.

Streamlined Workflows and Increased Efficiency:

No more jumping between systems or searching through CRM data. In-the-moment insights provide valuable client information immediately into the workflow that CSMs are already utilizing. This eliminates context switching and frees up critical time to focus on strengthening client connections.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

In-the-moment insights provide data in a simple and accessible manner, allowing CSMs and AMs more skills to make data-driven choices about customer success strategies, feature uptake, and overall account health.

2. Unlocking Customer Churn Reduction with Health Scores and Proactive Actions:

Real-Time Health Score Visibility: Subscription businesses can use real-time health scores to reduce churn. Consider a Salesforce CSM examining a client account. In-the-moment insights, when combined with Gainsight, may display the customer’s real-time health score from within the Salesforce interface. This removes the need to transfer platforms and gives the consumer a rapid overview of their overall health.

Triggering Proactive Interventions Based on Health Score: CSPs like ChurnZero can set health score thresholds to signal possible churn risk. These criteria can be used to gain real-time information inside Salesforce. When a customer’s health score falls below the threshold, CSMs are instantly informed and instructed to take quick action.

Examples of Proactive Actions Based on Health Score:

Poor Product Usage: If a customer’s health score reveals poor product usage, real-time insights can send an email to the CSM reminding them to plan a brief onboarding call or product walkthrough.

Declining Customer Satisfaction: A drop in ChurnZero’s customer satisfaction score might prompt an immediate insight in Inbox and CRM. This encourages the CSM to request a proactive feedback call.

Upcoming Renewal Concerns: If a client with a low health score is about to renew, Salesforce’s real-time insights can alert you. This enables CSMs to actively debate renewal choices, emphasize the value proposition, and perhaps give incentives to promote continuing subscription.

3. Empowering Support Agents with Helpdesk Systems:

  • Contextual Awareness for Personalized Support: Imagine an agent receiving a Zendesk support ticket. In-the-moment analytics may rapidly provide important consumer data like previous interactions, purchase history, and product usage habits. This enables the agent to better comprehend the customer’s situation and adjust their conversation for a more personalized experience through timely and relevant touchpoints.
  • Improved Efficiency and Resolution Speed: No more navigating several screens or isolated data. In-the-moment insights reveal crucial client information immediately within the helpdesk ticket, minimizing the need for lengthy searches. This helps agents to focus on what is most important: addressing customer concerns swiftly and efficiently.
  • Sentiment analysis tools linked with active data and insights may scan customer support discussions inside Freshdesk, resulting in improved customer sentiment and fewer escalations. This enables agents to recognize frustration early on and change their communication approach to be more empathic and understanding.
  • Faster Issue Resolution: Agents can address customer needs quickly and efficiently thanks to contextual awareness and reduced information gathering.
  • Personalized Customer Interactions: Agents can tailor their communication to each customer, creating a more positive experience.
  • Reduced Customer Frustration: Early identification of negative sentiment allows for proactive de-escalation strategies.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Faster resolution, personalized interactions, and reduced frustration lead to happier customers.

Customer Data Collection, Integration and Data Activation

App EQ Data Integration

AppEQ provides the hard work by effortlessly connecting with your existing apps such as product analytics, CRM, helpdesk, and the more complex your product is. Software solutions like AppEQ integrate with existing apps for data collection, simplifying data integration by importing transactional data and linking it directly to your operational tools, such as enterprise SaaS apps or in-house designed web apps and data warehouses, as well as adhoc data, such as raw spreadsheet data.

Once the data is connected, it may be enabled on the platform that your teams use. All data activation activity may be undertaken by business teams such as Customer Success, Sales, or Support, resulting in faster turnaround and more impact. Teams and companies that are better familiar with their business processes and issues can sync and activate data directly from the UI interface.

Furthermore, you may activate both first-party and third-party data collected by AppEQ from a variety of sources, including Linkedin and Crunchbase.

Once data is connected to corporate apps via API or data warehouse, it is simple to map it so that it may be sorted by accounts, users, and contacts.

Driving Higher Revenue Through Upsell and Cross-Sell:

Identifying Upsell Opportunities Based on Usage:

Customer product usage data may be analyzed using real-time actionable insights that are connected with Salesforce to identify accounts with upsell potential. When an AM notices a client frequently maxing out on key features, insights can send a warning proposing appropriate upsell possibilities. For example, an AM may see a customer consistently exceeding storage restrictions, causing them to recommend a higher-tier plan with more storage space.

Underutilized Features with High-Value Potential:

Insights from data activation can evaluate product use data to uncover features that a consumer is not using. This functionality, however, may provide great value when combined with essential features that the consumer is already using. The AM can then recommend appropriate training materials or highlight use cases to maximize the value of the existing product portfolio.

Personalized Cross-Sell Recommendations Driven by Customer Needs:

  • Identifying Feature Gaps and Complementary Products: By evaluating customer interactions (help tickets, chat logs) and product use statistics, in-the-moment data activation and insights can pinpoint areas where a customer may be having difficulty. This enables the AM to propose complimentary goods from the company’s catalog that meet those exact requirements. For example, an AM may see a client repeatedly asking assistance with a certain job. Insights can then recommend a complementary solution that automates that job, therefore improving the customer’s productivity.
  • Using Purchase History for Targeted Cross-Sell Offers: Insights can examine previous purchases to detect trends and anticipate future demands. Consider a customer who has recently acquired a marketing automation solution. Insights might propose that the AM integrate with a CRM system, producing a more holistic marketing and sales workflow for the customer.

Real-Time Context for More Compelling Conversations:

  • Understanding Account Health and Usage patterns: Before attending a client meeting, the AM may use in-the-moment insights from HubSpot’s data activation to obtain a real-time view of account health and product usage patterns. This enables them to adapt their discussion, emphasizing the customer’s satisfaction with the primary product while smoothly providing appropriate upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Addressing Usage Concerns Proactively: If customer sentiment research in Salesforce shows concerns about product constraints, data activation can notify the AM. This enables them to address these issues proactively throughout the conversation and demonstrate the advantages of upgrading to a more robust plan that suits the customer’s changing demands.


By providing Account Managers with real-time insights via data activation within their existing partner CRMs, you unleash a wealth of upsell and cross-sell opportunities, driving growth equity. Here’s what to expect:

  • Increased Revenue: Targeted upsell and cross-sell suggestions result in larger average transaction sizes and increased client lifetime value.
  • Improved client connections: By concentrating on solutions that meet unique client needs, AMs build better and more trusted connections.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Insights enable AMs to make educated decisions on upsell and cross-sell tactics using real-time customer data.
  • Real-time client insights convert reactive sales methods into data-driven revenue production strategies. By exploiting these information within their CRMs, AMs may pinpoint upsell and cross-sell possibilities, driving your company towards long-term success.

Customer Success: Powered by In-the-Moment Insights

In-the-moment consumer insights mark a fundamental shift in customer relationship management. Venture capital investments are driving advancements in in-the-moment insights, enabling organizations to bridge the data-action gap and provide excellent customer experiences at all touchpoints. From proactive customer success efforts to tailored support encounters and data-driven upsell techniques, in-the-moment insights are critical to the customer success teams attaining long-term customer loyalty and corporate success.

As technology evolves, we and investors may expect progressively more sophisticated applications of real-time client insights:

Predictive Analytics and Next-Level Proactivity:

Consider a system that can not only detect possible churn issues, but also anticipate consumer requirements and provide proactive remedies. In-the-moment actionable insights from the correct customer data activation, combined with powerful predictive analytics, will allow firms to foresee customer concerns and provide solutions before they emerge.

AI-Powered Personalization for Hyper-Relevant Customer Engagement:

Artificial intelligence (AI) will boost the customization capabilities of real-time insights. AI may create hyper-personalized suggestions for upsells, cross-sells, and support interactions by assessing a broader set of customer data points, such as sentiment, behavior patterns, and previous interactions.

Omnichannel Integration for a Seamless Customer Journey:

In-the-moment data insights will be easily integrated across all client touchpoints, including website engagements, social media chats, mobile app usage, and in-person contacts. This provides a comprehensive perspective of the consumer journey, allowing organizations to offer consistent and tailored experiences across all channels.

Real-Time Customer Journey Optimization:

Real-time analysis of consumer activity data allows for in-the-moment insights to be used to enhance the customer journey. This might include speeding onboarding procedures, tailoring website content depending on user preferences, or dynamically altering product suggestions in real time.

Data Teams Empowered: The In-the-Moment Customer Insights Advantage

For data teams, the challenge is real: acquiring consumer data is time-consuming, compartmentalized, and frequently portrays a historical image. In-the-moment client insights alter the game. Consider real-time, actionable intelligence sent straight to your team. Here’s how it empowers you.

1. Efficiency Boost:

  • Automated Data Collection: Eliminate manual data collection. Insights may automatically extract data from CRMs, helpdesks, and analytics, allowing you to focus on more complex activities such as predictive modeling and identifying hidden trends.

2. Deeper Customer Understanding:

  • Context Matters: Insights examine data at various touchpoints to discover customer motives and pain areas. The “why” underlying the facts is crucial.
  • Real-Time Churn Prediction: Determine at-risk consumers based on sentiment, product usage, and support interactions. This enables proactive interventions.

3. Collaboration and Democratization:

  • Real-Time Insights for All: Insights are sent to CSMs, AMs, and product managers, promoting data-driven decision making across departments.
  • Data for Everyone: User-friendly dashboards and visualizations make customer data accessible, allowing non-technical personnel to use insights in their regular tasks.With real-time insights, data teams become key partners in customer success. Expect enhanced productivity, deeper consumer awareness, data-driven business choices, and improved collaboration. In summary, real-time insights elevate data teams from analysts to proactive drivers of customer success.

Customer Relationships and Business Growth

These developments in real-time customer information will have a significant influence on customer interactions and business success.

  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value: Businesses that cultivate deeper customer loyalty and reduce turnover should expect to experience a large boost in customer lifetime value.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Proactive issue resolution, individualized interactions, and a focus on customer requirements will result in greater customer satisfaction levels and a favorable brand impression.
  • Data-driven decision-making throughout the organization: Real-time customer data will provide insights into all element of the organization, from product development and marketing tactics to customer success programs and sales forecasts.

Competitive differentiation: Businesses that effectively exploit in-the-moment consumer data can gain a substantial competitive edge by offering an extraordinary customer experience that sets them apart.

In-the-moment customer insights are more than a fad; they are the future of driving customer success. Businesses that embrace the power of this powerful technology and its ongoing advances may strengthen customer connections, promote growth, and prosper in today’s dynamic and competitive environment.

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Unified View​

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