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Decoding Hyper-Growth: A Deep Dive with Bradley Liou, Sandy Yu, and Vincent

Delving into hyper-growth: It's where genuine customer connections fuel our shared journey forward.


The webinar, hosted by AppEQ, delved into the intricacies of hyper-growth companies and the role of customer success in shaping their trajectories. Bradley Liou, a seasoned expert, shared insights on defining hyper-growth, emphasizing the “triple triple double” revenue model as a benchmark. He also highlighted the importance of understanding the real customer journey, cautioning against basing strategies on mere imagination. 

Sandy Yu, a seasoned revenue leader, emphasized the significance of customer feedback, suggesting multiple avenues like surveys, support tickets, and direct interactions to gather genuine insights. She also stressed the importance of viewing the customer journey from an “outside-in” perspective, ensuring that the customer’s experience is at the forefront. Both experts agreed on the pivotal role of customer feedback in innovation and the necessity of aligning cross-functional teams to a unified vision of the customer journey. 

The session underscored the importance of proactive customer engagement and feedback integration in driving growth for hyper-growth companies.

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5 Key Takeaways

    1. Understanding Hyper-Growth: Bradley Liou demystified the concept of hyper-growth, introducing the audience to the “triple triple double” benchmark. He elaborated, “It’s called triple triple double. So what that really means is for a company when they reach that product market fit at 1 million mark… That’s sort of how I would define a hyper growth. Which is you sort of had the hockey stick up in there.”

    2. Structuring for Rapid Expansion: The webinar touched upon the importance of structuring businesses to accommodate and thrive during swift growth phases. As AppEQ Inc. pointed out, “So when certain organizations are trying to grow the business. It also includes about structuring the business and at the same time looking at. What are those key principles? Strategies that makes up hyper build…”

    3. Crafting the Customer Journey: Bradley emphasized the significance of understanding and crafting the customer journey. He shared insights on hiring, stating, “If you hire someone who’s bad doesn’t matter how much you have your playbook or your team culture, or your team vision or your sop there will be a drop off with experience.”

    4. The Power of Feedback: Sandy Yu underscored the role of feedback in shaping a company’s growth trajectory. She remarked, “The big part that people miss is that they actually don’t evaluate the feedback around the customers… start by having a summit right? So it’s not a quarterly readout of what my team did is actually quarter read out of what my customer said.”

    5. Agility in Hyper-Growth: Bradley shed light on the need for agility and adaptability, especially in hyper-growth scenarios. He advised, “Prepare your team to be agile enough to say, we’re Jack Vultr right now, but in a year… telling people changes coming is hard. Give them the vision of that metal the roll map of that and then develop people into that.”