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Leadership in Focus: Gleaning Success Strategies from Industry Experts With - Kristi Faltorusso, Sandy Yu and Vincent Manlapaz

Tech touch and customer segmentation, go hand in hand, this is a must-listen, if you want to nail these disciplines.


Our recent webinar, “Leadership in Focus: Gleaning Success Strategies from Industry Experts,” was a vibrant and insightful session, headlined by the formidable duo of Mary Poppen and Sandy Yu. Their discussion, full of depth and practical advice, navigated the complexities of modern business strategies and the pivotal role of emerging technologies in shaping the business landscape.

Unpacking the Webinar:

  • Mary Poppen’s Expertise on Customer Experiences: Mary, with her extensive background in shaping customer experiences for B2B tech companies, shared valuable insights on tailoring strategies to meet evolving customer needs. She emphasized the importance of understanding customer journeys to drive successful business outcomes.

  • Sandy Yu’s Deep Dive into Customer Success: Sandy, with her rich experience in big tech and hyper-growth companies, brought to light the nuances of customer success. Her focus on revenue retention and the strategic use of technology in enhancing customer engagement offered attendees actionable strategies for business growth.

  • Interactive Dialogue and Exchange: The webinar transcended a typical lecture format, evolving into a lively exchange of ideas. Both Mary and Sandy actively engaged with the audience, addressing their queries and offering tailored advice, making the session not just informative but also highly interactive.

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5 Key Takeaways

  • Tailored Growth Strategies: Sandy and Mary’s approach to growth strategies was akin to a chef’s meticulous preparation of a gourmet meal. Each upselling and cross-selling strategy is crafted with the customer’s unique preferences and needs in mind, much like carefully selecting ingredients for a dish. This personalized approach ensures that every strategy is as appealing to the customer as a well-prepared meal, catering to their specific tastes and requirements.

  • Customer-Centric Sales Journey: Emphasizing empathy and alignment, Sandy and Mary advocated for a sales journey deeply rooted in the customer’s perspective. It’s about more than just transactions; it’s about comprehensively understanding the customer’s goals, challenges, and path to success. By walking in the customer’s shoes, businesses can build a more meaningful and impactful relationship, leading to sales that feel more like a partnership than a mere exchange.

  • Harnessing Customer Success: The role of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) was likened to that of attentive gardeners who nurture and watch over their plants, always on the lookout for new growth opportunities. Training CSMs to organically identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities ensures that business growth aligns seamlessly with customer success. Like gardeners who understand the nuances of each plant, CSMs can cultivate relationships and opportunities that lead to fruitful outcomes.

  • Data-Driven Customer Insights: In today’s digital age, data and AI act as tools to decode the complex tapestry of customer behavior. This approach, highlighted in the webinar, allows businesses to craft solutions and strategies that resonate deeply with customer needs. Like unraveling a tapestry, data-driven insights help in understanding the intricate patterns of customer preferences, leading to more targeted and effective business strategies.

  • Synergy Across Teams: The webinar stressed the importance of creating a harmonious synergy across various teams within an organization. Just as notes in a symphony come together to create a beautiful melody, the collaboration between sales, customer success, and product teams can lead to outcomes that perfectly align with customer aspirations. This orchestration ensures that every team contributes to a unified strategy that resonates with and fulfills customer needs.