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Table of Content
2.Sales Vs Post Sales
3.One CRM System Approach
4.App EQ: The alternative approach


Did you know that 91% of companies with more than 10 employees now utilize CRM systems? This staggering statistic reflects a profound shift in business dynamics. Today, your CRM isn’t just a sales tool; it’s a pivotal component in post-sales activities, shaping customer retention and loyalty. Think your CRM is just for sales? Let’s explore how it doubles as a vital post-sales asset, offering more than meets the eye in managing customer relationships and driving business growth

Sales vs. Post-Sales: Understanding the Teams


The Sales Team, often seen as the frontline warriors, primarily focuses on acquiring new customers. They’re the storytellers, painting your product’s picture, and the strategists, navigating through market dynamics. Their core mission? To close deals, obviously. But it’s more than just a transaction; it’s about initiating relationships, understanding customer needs, and laying the foundation for ongoing engagement.


Enter the Post-Sales Team, the unsung heroes ensuring customer success. Their arena is customer retention and satisfaction. Think of them as gardeners, nurturing the seeds planted by sales through continuous support, service, and engagement. Their goal? To grow these relationships into long-term partnerships. They’re the bridge between a one-time purchase and a loyal, returning customer.

AspectSales TeamPost-Sales Team
Primary FocusAcquiring new customersRetaining and satisfying customers
Key RoleClosing deals, initiating relationshipsNurturing and growing relationships
Main ObjectiveSales and market penetrationCustomer loyalty and long-term engagement

In the customer lifecycle, the sales team starts the game by making new friends, while the post-sales team keeps them happy and playing with us longer. It’s like passing a ball in soccer; sales kicks it off, and then post-sales scores the goal of having our friends stick around for more games.

One System for All?

The CRM conundrum begs the question: is one system enough for both sales and post-sales? While a unified CRM promises a single truth source, it often falls short for post-sales nuances like customer nurturing and loyalty programs. The attached visual elaborates on this debate, highlighting how most CRMs, tailored for sales, miss out on critical post-sales features. It’s a tightrope walk between convenience and specialization. And for those looking deeper, the image below unpacks the pros and cons, nudging you to consider if your CRM can truly cater to the entire customer lifecycle.

AppEQ : Turn Your CRM into a post-sales 

How about turning your CRM into a multifaceted power player? Imagine integrating AppEQ and watching it evolve from a mere contact list into a central hub of customer intelligence. Here’s a snapshot:

Insightful Dashboard: Imagine AppEQ as your CRM’s new pair of glasses, sharpening the focus on customer data and making clarity out of chaos.

Early Warning System: Like an early morning weather report, AppEQ’s alerts give you a heads-up on customer patterns, helping you prevent churn with the precision of a seasoned meteorologist.

Actionable Nudges: These are your CRM’s gentle taps on the shoulder, suggesting when to reach out to clients, akin to a helpful navigation system that always knows the next turn on the road to customer satisfaction.

Effortless Integration: AppEQ slides into your CRM’s workflow like a new gear in a well-oiled machine, meshing seamlessly to enhance post sales effectiveness.


Adding AppEQ on your Salesforce CRM is like a duet where each note harmonizes perfectly—the sales process begins a melody that post-sales beautifully completes. Ready to see your customer retention rates hit a high note? Consider this: integrating AppEQ could elevate your CRM’s performance, resonating with 91% of businesses thriving on enhanced CRM systems. 

Take the leap; let AppEQ fine-tune your customer symphony on your existing CRM. is a lightweight plugin on your existing CRM and Inbox that helps post-sales teams give effortless customer insights on the workflow by incorporating customer health, early warning signals for at-risk accounts, track product usage, and drive proactive actions (renewals, Up- cross sell opportunities).\

App EQ (CRM Integration)

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