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Table of content
1. Introduction
2. Identifying Key Customer Insights With Account Data
3. One Shortcut to Good Customer Insights: Surface What Matters
4. Personalizing Support Interactions
5. Proactively Reaching Out to Customers
6. Optimizing Self-Service Resources
7. Continuously Improving Your Customer Experience
8. Conclusion


Businesses now focus on customer data or customer insights. It is not enough to sell a product or service without a greater understanding of how every interaction helps build customised relationships. Therefore, selling a product or service alone is no longer sufficient.

Customer data or Customer Insights at Scale are crucial to the success of any business, regardless of whether you work in sales, customer support, customer success, or customer service. They drive growth and profitability. However, the question is, how can you effectively utilize this data to enhance the customer experience during every support interaction?

Enter customer insights at scale. Using account and real-time insights, teams can find the right pathway to optimize performance, build better relationships or collaborate with customers. It helps bring every customer interaction into focus and provides the CS/support team with a much-needed edge. 

So how can customer-facing teams tap into the power of customer insights at scale? How can organizations leverage this, and what it means for support and CS success? Here are six ways to activate customer insights at scale.

Identifying Key Customer Insights With Account Data

Gathering customer insights is the key to understanding customer behavior and helping them with their needs. Leveraging customer insights can help provide more profound, personalized support and create additional growth opportunities.

Account insights help to develop long-term strategies for improving the customer experience and driving business success. These insights are from surveys, customer feedback, interactions with the product/service, and usage data. 

By analyzing this information, customer success and support teams can identify patterns and trends, understand what motivates customers to engage with a company and determine which strategies will be most effective for driving business success. Using this information — businesses can create targeted strategies for tackling customer inquiries and offer solutions even before they reach out for help. 

By capitalizing on real-time insights, businesses can provide valuable information to address customer issues and provide immediate assistance. From tracking long-term trends to recognizing short-term objectives, it helps to identify and address issues as they arise, quickly offering solutions to customers and improving the overall customer experience.

One Shortcut to Good Customer Insights: Surface What Matters

Both account and real-time insights can drive business success. For example, Customer Success teams can use account insights to develop long-term strategies for improving the customer experience, such as introducing new features or products that align with customer goals and objectives. 

Support teams can leverage real-time insights to address customer issues as they happen, provide immediate assistance, and prevent issues from becoming problems.

By understanding both, businesses can strategically allocate resources and create programs tailored to customer or business needs. Harnessing this data gives companies the power to nurture relationships with their customers and create unique experiences tailored to their requirements.

Personalizing Support Interactions

While every company needs to become competitive, personalization is crucial in customer support. Not only does it make customers feel heard, but it also helps the support team build better relationships with them. And with account and real-time insights, businesses can: 

  • Get a better understanding of the customer’s journey and establish a detailed customer success profile
  • Monitor user habits to tailor your responses and keep conversations unique
  • Provide better recommendations for products and services based on specific customer requests
  • Get an in-depth view of customer behavior so you can predict outcomes more accurately

Personalization means focusing on customer experience and what your customers need and want; instead of providing generic resolutions to every customer interaction. By aligning customer needs, you can deliver more personalized experiences that resonate with each one. It boosts customer loyalty and increases the resolution rate.

Proactively Reaching Out to Customers

By carefully curating the customer experience, support, and CS teams can build better customer relationships at scale. One of the best ways to leverage account and real-time insights is proactively reaching out to customers.

Imagine knowing what customers want, even before they ask a question! Utilizing account and real-time insights allows customer-facing teams to react quickly to customer challenges and pain points and provide solutions. It leads to improved customer satisfaction, higher retention rates, and greater loyalty.

Here are a few tips for proactively reaching out to customers:

  1. Monitor customer behavior: Track customer behavior and use real-time insights to identify trends in preferences, activity levels, and interactions with other customers. It helps you anticipate future needs before they arise.
  2. Offer valuable recommendations: Utilize customer insights such as purchase histories or reviews from other customers when suggesting products or services for individual customers or groups of target audiences.
  3. Personalize messages: Use customer data gathered from interactions to create personalized messages that engage with their individual needs—this will help build trust in your brand and increase loyalty over time.

Optimizing Self-Service Resources

One great way to take advantage of account and real-time insights is to optimize your self-service resources for customers. By taking a closer look at customer data, you can identify common support queries and issues that customers have—this allows you to create resources that meet their needs.

For example, if you find that many customers are having trouble with the same topic or feature, you can create self-service resources for the — in the form of guides, FAQs, videos, or other helpful materials. This way, customers do not need to reach out with the same question multiple times; your team does not need to spend time on redundant interactions.

Moreover, by monitoring customer data in real-time, you can spot potential issues before they become major headaches and widespread. By leveraging account and real-time insights, you can ensure that your self-service resources are up-to-date and tailored to the specific needs of your customers. It helps reduce customer frustration and allows support staff to dedicate their attention to more intricate issues.

Continuously Improving Your Customer Experience

If you use customer insights extensively, you can constantly and consistently improve the customer experience. You can track customer satisfaction and gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences.


Solving customer issues is not always a simple task. But it can become achievable when you utilize customer insights and real-time data. Account and real-time insights serve different purposes, but both are critical for improving the customer experience and driving business success. 

By integrating customer insights into the customer support and CS team motion, companies can better understand customer experience at scale, maximize every support interaction, and create a more personalized approach for every customer.

Both teams can also turn every engagement into an opportunity to drive customer loyalty. When customers have a positive experience, they are more likely to become company advocates, which can result in higher customer acquisition and retention. They can also utilize these insights to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, which can increase revenue and improve customer outcomes.

Table of Contents

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