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2023’s Customer Success Review and the 2024 CRM Paradox 

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2.2023 Review
3.Looking ahead to 2024
4.The paradox


In 2023, 89% of customers returned to brands that offered positive experiences, while 96% regarded customer service as pivotal to loyalty. This era of Customer Success set a powerful precedent for 2024.

We’re about to delve into a detailed review of 2023’s Customer Success landscape, uncovering the shifts and strategies that defined the year. Then, we’ll leap forward into 2024, exploring emerging trends and predictions that are shaping the future of Customer Success. Stay tuned as we navigate through these transformative times in the world of customer engagement and satisfaction

2023 Overview of Customer Success

In 2023, a few specific developments stood out in the realm of Customer Success (CS),
reflecting the evolving landscape and setting the stage for future innovations:

1. Emergence of AI-Driven CS Tools: 2023 saw a surge in the adoption of artificial intelligence in CS. AI tools began to significantly enhance customer interactions, offering personalized experiences and predictive analytics.

2. Rapid Shift to Digital Engagement: The year marked a decisive move towards digital channels for customer engagement. Businesses rapidly adapted to online platforms to meet customer needs in real-time.

3. Focus on Customer Experience (CX) as a Revenue Driver: There was a growing realization that excellent CX directly contributes to revenue growth. Companies started investing more in customer experience, recognizing its impact on customer loyalty and retention.

4. Integration of Customer Feedback in Product Development: More companies began actively incorporating customer feedback into their product development cycle, signaling a shift towards a more customer-centric approach in product innovation.

5. Rise in CS Specializations: New roles and specializations within the CS domain emerged, reflecting the need for more nuanced skills and knowledge in handling complex customer needs.

In 2023, insights from various platforms revolutionized Customer Success. These tools, harnessing the power of customer data, provided unparalleled insights into customer behavior and sentiments. This data-driven revolution enabled businesses to not only respond to customer needs but also anticipate them, transforming the very nature of customer engagement. It was like having a crystal ball, giving companies the foresight to tailor their strategies in real-time, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty were not just met, but exceeded

Looking ahead to 2024

Customer Success (CS) is expected to evolve significantly, driven by key trends:

AI and Automation Ascend: Expect a greater use of AI and automation in enhancing customer interactions and operational efficiency.

Focus Shifts to Expansion and Advocacy: CS will go beyond just preventing churn, aiming to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty.

Skillset Evolution: CS professionals will need new skills to handle expanded responsibilities, particularly in nurturing customer relationships and driving revenue.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Improved collaboration between CS, marketing, and other departments will be key.

Quality Outcomes for Customers: There will be a focus on ensuring customers achieve their desired business outcomes.

Technological Tools Reshaping CS: Beyond AI, other tech tools will become crucial in providing deeper customer data analysis and insights.

2024 for CS seems to be a year of technological integration and strategic shifts, focusing on customer expansion, advocacy, and efficiency.

The Paradox

This year, we’re facing a unique challenge in customer relationships. Traditional CRMs are like gardeners who focus only on planting seeds, or in business terms, acquiring customers. But, nurturing these relationships after the sale is equally important. Here’s a simpler way to understand this and the solution offered by App EQ:

The Post-Sales Gap: Imagine a CRM as a bucket. Traditional CRMs fill half the bucket by getting customers. But what about keeping them happy after they buy? That’s where the bucket starts leaking. We need something to fill this gap.

The Problem with Separate Systems: Using different CRMs for sales and after-sales is like using two buckets with different gardeners. It can get messy and disconnected, and customers might not get the smooth journey they deserve.

App EQ’s Solution: Think of App EQ as a magic glue that seals the gap in our bucket. It turns your existing CRM into a super tool that takes care of customers even after they buy. It’s like having one expert gardener who knows how to grow and nurture plants from seed to bloom.

Why It’s Important: This isn’t just a nice thing to have. It’s essential for staying ahead. Like a race car with a turbo boost, companies using this approach race ahead in keeping customers and growing sales.

Looking Ahead: This isn’t just a passing trend. In 2024, it’s the new way of doing things. Companies not adopting this approach might find themselves falling behind, like a boat without sails.


As we look towards 2024, remember: nurturing customer relationships is as vital as acquiring them. In a world where customer-focused businesses lead the pack, embracing strategies like App EQ’s post-sales CRM is essential. Let’s navigate into 2024 with these insights, ensuring our journey in customer success is both innovative and rewarding.

Table of Contents

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Increased Revenue Opportunities​

Leverage customer data to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities and maximize revenue growth

Streamlined Workflows

Streamline operations and proactively address customer needs with real-time in-app data insights in existing workflow.

Culture of Data-Driven Decisions

Empower data-driven decisions for customer success with clear customer insights and interactive dashboards.