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Maximizing Revenue Growth: NRR Metrics, Team Empowerment, and Customer 360 Insights

Table of Contents

In today’s economic scenario, growth through existing customer base should be the major revenue pillar. Driving higher retention and expansion is cost effective and pays rich dividend for organisations.

NRR is one of the most important growth metrics for both public and private SaaS companies.

To empower your team towards that

1. Have a focused team looking only at this aspect. Encountered the model of CSM / AM / CSM+AM

2. Bring Account 360 visibility seamlessly and easily. A lot of account 360 is not flexible enough to handle different segment, multi product scenarios. Efficacy is not great as it is hidden in siloed dashboard and adoption is a problem.

3. Empower teams to collaborate cross teams to drive account ownership across sales, success, support and PS organization.

4. Build rigour through play books

Over period of 2-3 Qs, you should start seeing results in the form of higher CSQO/L & GRR rfom your Customer Success teams. This leads to higher NRR overall.

To get Customer 360, it’s important for organisation to look from at-least 3 aspects

1. 50000 ft Executive Summary View – Quick account summary & easy accessibility of this summary for it have right impact.
– this alone can have a huge impact on driving proactive actions of your team members.
– Account summary should be flexible to overcome constant new changes in tools and processes as business evolve over time. It should be easy to handle the requirements of different segment requirements.
– Great for Account Owners (CSM, Account Managers), Support Reps, Managers and Executives.

2. Detailed ( 0 Feet ?) View – While summary is great at 50000 ft view, you need a detailed view. Tickets, NPS, Feature Requests, Product usage
– This is great to double click to get real insight on account.
– Great for account owners like CSM, Account Managers to see how to unblock and improve experience and value for the existing deployment.

3. Actionable – Are your team able to take actions around these insights easily? Both from tooling and data perspective.

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